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Health Spa Sessions:

Take a look at our Health Spa Resort, and you will see that Revitalize! offers services that are unique to the health spa industry. We are all about your body and the balance between your life style and your health.

MediRub 2000 Foot massager SolaJet Massager Revalar LIFE System

Here at Revitalize! we carry an assortment of organic foods, proteins, and alternative health therapies. We are committed to your health and well being. We provide pain sessions with the Avazzia device that usually within ten minutes can reduce your pain level. The Chi Machine can increase and balance your aura, this device was also featured on the Dr. Oz show! You can enjoy an array of massages from our best devices that will leave you feeling rejuvenated especially after a long day at work. Come in, have a sit and enjoy a relaxing free foot massage from one of the MediRub devices in a quiet friendly environment.

Health Sessions:

Chi Machine Avazzia Revalar LIFE System

Our Weight Loss Programs:

Ideal Protein is “your last diet”. Lose weight rapidly with Ideal Protein, a medical-grade weight-loss program. Our clinic has lost a total of 12,234 pounds in its three years of operation! Ideal Protein will teach you how to loose weight and maintain that weight loss so you do not have to come back. We love seeing less of you!

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  • If you're looking to lose some weight with a simple drop, then the hCG Drop is for you! Their guarantee is 30 lbs in the first 30 days, but don't take it from us...stop by our spa and try the hCG Drop weight loss supplement for yourself. You'll be amazed!  Also, feel free to browse the Organic Store section and take a look at all of our other weight loss products and services.


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