5 Health Modalities & Why You Should Know About Them


With a plethora of devices on the market to help you and your family keep up on your health, it can sometimes get chaotic trying to decide which one is the best for you. Alternative health is no doubt growing, and with it so are the devices to choose from. There are devices for losing weight, for gaining weight, for ridding of bacteria, for ridding of toxins, and just about anything else. I’m sure if you look hard enough you’d even find one to teach you to ride a bicycle! Okay so not completely true, but with the right device and the right mindset, one could do just about anything they desired. Here’s a list of some of my favorite devices and the reasons why. 

The LIFE System – I was first introduced to biofeedback technology and guided into a new way of perceiving health and the world around me by The LIFE System. This device has helped me in ways that I’ll never even know. The method in which it teaches the mind to overcome and deal with stress is second to none. By using it for just an hour, I was able to find out numerous stresses that I was dealing with and wasn’t even aware of. It taught me the sources of those stressors and how I could efficiently manage them. From childhood trauma to toxins in my diet, this device seems to know it all. With that and the awareness it helped me build, I’ve been able to reduce my heart pains, regain feeling in a numb extremity, and even began to regrow a broken tooth! Biofeedback is something very special and The LIFE System is easily the most comprehensive and thus my favorite biofeedback device. 

The EIS System – A bit different than the previous device, The EIS works by measuring the Introspacial fluid in you body. With that measurement, in just a few minutes, it’s able to produce a full body reading. My first reading on The EIS System provided me with areas of deficiency, most of which I was already aware of and some I wasn’t. The way the device could accurately pinpoint the problems I was dealing with gave me an enormous amount of confidence in what it said it could do. Not only did it give a reading of the issues my body was experiencing, but it provided me with means to help with those. My favorite part is the diet and activity plan it customizes for you. With that, I was able to find that although my diet was very good, there were still many things I could change. Previously I had thought that as long as I hate “healthy” I would have perfect nutrition, but The EIS went a step further and told me what foods would be healthier for my body and which ones I had an abundance of. 

Solo System Infrared Sauna – I love going to the sauna. Who doesn’t? When it came down to choosing which sauna was my favorite, it wasn’t easy, as I tend to fancy them all for different reasons. The Solo System, however, is something truly unique. Not only does it seem to work the best, but also you get to lie down! Completely immersed in a dome, none of the heat is wasted and it warms your body from the core out. The ability to heat from the core out is something that is often overlooked when thinking about saunas. When your body is heated in this way rather than just heating the skin and hoping the rest of the body gets hot, what happens is the heat stays with you rather than just leaving the second you step out. Less than an hour in here with some good tunes and great relaxation and you’re good to go for an entire day. Not too mention the ability to kill just about any bug that may be trying to get make you sick. 

Chi Machine – Not the most complex technology, but The Chi Machine does something outstanding. When you lie down and let it wiggle away your tension, you’re also oxygenating your entire body. What this does is increase your energy levels and overall feeling of well-being. Just 5 minutes on this device is enough to create a great a day. Because of the precise nature of this treatment, The Chi Machine is the only one of it’s kind I would choose as it is possible with knockoffs to do more damage than good. 

SolaJet Dry Wave Massage – Everyone loves a great massage, but who has the time and money to spend getting a luxury hands on treatment everyday? I know I don’t. I’d say The SolaJet is the next best thing, but truth is, it’s the same if not better in some areas. Using the power of water sprayers, you can select the speed with which it moves up and down your body as well as the pressure with which it massages. This allows for you to customize your massage according to your needs. Whether it be your back, legs, or neck you’ll be saying “Ahh, that’s the spot!” As long as I’m careful not to doze in relaxation, I like to enjoy a nice lunch-break massage!

 All of these devices are just a tiny sample into the technologies that are available to us today, and just the tip of the iceberg to what is going to be coming out. 

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