8 Awesome Natural Products


We all know natural products are...well...natural, but other than that, the name doesn’t define much more. Here’s a list of products that would be defined as natural that I’ve fallen in love with and I hope you can too! 

Salt Lamps – From the natural salts in the Himalayan Mountains, salt lamps are possibly one of the greatest gifts to health. Because of their potential to produce negative ions, they are not only relaxing, but also balance the positive ions in the room. People with trouble sleeping, breathing, relaxing, or just about anything else will benefit from setting up just one in a room. Plus the glow they emit is gorgeous! 

Miracle Noodles – There’s a reason Shirataki Miracle Noodles are called “Miracle”. Taken from the Konjac Root, these things boast almost no calories, zero fat, and even less sugar. They’re as tasty as a regular noodle and just as filling. The only difference is that you’ll feel twice as full with half the guilt. 

Numi Teas – When it comes to tea, you’d think you could just pull the herbs out of the ground, boil some water, and drink up. Unfortunately when big business gets their hand in, you end up with all kinds of adulterants and additives. Fortunately, this is where Numi comes in. All of their teas are completely natural with little to no additives. The best part…they have some pretty unique flavors as well, my favorite being “Honeybush”. Also check the box for a great salad dressing recipe! 

Bob’s Red Mill – I don’t know Bob, but if he’s as good as his mill is, I’d sure like to meet him. Bob’s carries anything and everything that comes from a mill, as well as some things that don’t. The have a great selection of gluten free and organic products as well. They even have gluten free oats! I didn’t even know that was possible! 

Crystal Salt Deodorant – Have you checked the ingredient list in that deodorant you’re using? If not I would strongly recommend it. This is one of the places I’ve found a plethora of chemicals and heavy metals snuck into my products. After checking out even some of the natural deodorants, I had to give these little crystals a try. To my surprise, I actually smell better than with the heavy mainstream varieties. As long as I remember to use it daily, it works incredibly!

Larabars – With nothing but fruit and nuts, I can’t say my expectations were all to high, but with first bite I was hooked! These little bars are incredible! Most of them are based from dates, and have flavors ranging from cashew cookie to cherry pie and even cookie dough. Every single one of the flavors was right on queue with the name and exceeds all of my expectations. 

Nopales – The Nopal Cactus, also called the Prickly Pear Cactus is packed full of antioxidants and nutrients. This could be quite possibly one of the best foods for you. It works great for hangovers and tastes even better. My favorite way to eat them is cooked up nicely with some scrambled eggs. 

Vibesup – This company is great! VibesUp has all kinds of products to raise your vibrations and combat the low frequencies of modern electronics and pollutants. They have bracelets to help with weight management, stress, headaches, and just about anything else!

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