Avazzia Commercial on the Way!


With Revitalize! Growing by the day, we’re doing everything we can to promote awareness about the amazing technology of biofeedback and spread the word as much as possible. I’d say we’ve been pretty successful spreading awareness in the Tri-Cities, but when the question came of how to create national awareness, this was a bit trickier. What about a nationally televised commercial? We’ve all seen infomercials for the various drug companies and medications, but what if we there was one that actually did what it said it could do? My experience with Avazzia has been just that. They keep their word. The pain relief and relaxation it boasts exceeds my expectations every time. The choice seemed obvious. From that point, we just had to get a spot, crate the commercial, and with any luck and a mighty push, the field of “alternative medicine” could be one step closer to being the “mainstream medicine”. 

Well we got the commercial spot and the video work is nearing completion! Let’s just say we’re about 90% of the way to having our very own infomercial for the Avazzia. Check out the progress we’ve made and let us know what you think. Feedback is strongly encouraged, as we know we couldn’t do it without you guys. Hopefully together we can help people to get off medications and actually begin to heal themselves naturally.


For more information about purchasing an Avazzia device or booking an appointment please call Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store at (509) 586-6574 or stop by our location in downtown Kennewick! Purchasing also available on the main Avazzia page.

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