Good to the Bone

Being our most basic physical structure, it’s surprising how little focus we put on maintaining healthy bones. Although they’re buried deep beneath our muscle and even farther beneath our skin tissue, bones play a vital part in our overall nutrition.
Having healthy bones is important because healthy bones are more dense meaning that they are less fragile and thus less likely to break or fracture. When we have strong bones, we live with more confidence because we can literally do more. At any age, it is important to begin considering bone health because they are always changing. If we begin at an early age, we’ll have much less problems later in life. As we age, we tend to get more bones related issues such as osteoporosis caused by pour maintenance earlier in life.
What can you do for healthy bones?

Move Around – Exercise can help to build some of the most important tissues in our body. It strengthens every system including the skeletal system. When we put force onto our skeleton, it actually becomes strong to overcome the next force that is applied. This is increasingly important as we reach our upper ages when our bone density begins to level out.
Protect the Bones – Obviously, we wouldn’t have bones to keep safe if we weren’t already keeping them safe. Simply put, if you want to have your bones last, take care of them. Protect your bones from falls by using padding when necessary and avoiding behavior that might put them at risk.
Eat Healthy – There are a variety of different nutrients that play a crucial role in creating a healthy bones structure. The main one we all think of calcium. Calcium is the basic constructs of bones, so it is vital in the process. However, without Vitamin D3, our body actually can’t even absorb calcium, so getting an ample supply here is very important.
Limit Drugs & Alcohol – Besides the damage that is done internally to the organs and other body parts, the bones actually suffer tremendously from overuse of drugs such as tobacco. Because nicotine is an appetite suppressant, it is sometimes unhealthy for the bones due to lack of nutrient intake. Apart from that nicotine literally reduces your bodies ability to intake calcium.
Maintain Healthy Weight – This is another fine balance. Where it is not good for your bones to carry too much excessive weight, it is even worse for the body to be poorly equipped with nutrients. For this reason, it is important to eat a well balanced diet and stay at a healthy weight.
Getting your bone density reading as well as other various tests can guide you in a direction to help you strengthen you bones. Biofeedback is also a great technique to help strengthen and rebuild bone tissue.
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