Brown Baggin' It

We all remember the famous brown paper bag from elementary school. The sandwich and the dessert have long become lunches of the past with school lunches becoming more and more popular. For some parents, however, that hot lunch modeled after fast food isn’t quite the nutritional meal they desire for their kids. Here’s a recipe for a highly nutritious lunch that both you and the kids will enjoy. Not just for kids, you can also use this lunch for work, a picnic, or any other time you need a lunch on the run.
Veggies – Of course the first thing we want to make sure makes it into our kid’s lunch is vegetables. Since most veggies are perishable, it is important to find just the perfect fit. If a meal is going to be eaten by lunch you’ll be fine packing such things as green beans, carrots, celery, tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, and more! Just slice them up in bite sizes and they’re sure to be gone by the time you child gets home from school.
Fruit – Without a proper natural sugar, you’ll find yourself craving sweets and things you know you don’t want to be eating. For this reason, it is important to make sure lunch if fully packed with fruit. Bananas and oranges make a perfect on-the-go fruit since they come with their own packaging. Apple slices are a very tasty option. If ascorbic acid is available, this keeps them from spoiling. Other than that, just about any fruit from guavas to kiwis will make a great fit. These all make a great source of immediate energy.
Protein – A little bit more difficult than some of the rest, protein is equally important. My favorite option here is a homemade trail mix featuring my favorite nuts. Also, making some falafel and taking that in your lunch seems to be a great fit. Look out for bringing any meats in your lunch as they may spoil.
Carbohydrates – Apart from chips and snack crackers, carbohydrates are crucial to make sure your child feels full. If you own a toaster, just throw in a couple pieces of bread and their sure to enjoy some fine toast you took the time to cook.
Snack – Although all of these work well for snacks, I find it important to include some kind of tasty treat in my lunch. It doesn’t have to be anything with amazing nutrients, just something that I love to eat. Splurge a little here. Give them something you know is going to be a treat.
Salt – Without even realizing it, I spend a good portion of time trying to fill my salt craving. Because of this, I’ve found that just making sure to get some sodium is the trick to feeling satisfied from lunch. Chips, microwavable, popcorn, etc.
With these tips, you and your child can both have healthy nutritious lunches to keep going throughout the day!
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