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Biofeedback has done some pretty amazing things for a lot of people. Today I’d like to share with you some stories about overcoming, triumphing, and beating the odds through the use of biofeedback devices and methods.
Using the Scenar, Marie S. was able to relieve her knee pain for the first time in 10 years!
Using the LIFE System as a treatment for diabetes, Linda H. was able to bring her blood sugar levels down into a normal range, decreased swelling in her abdomen, and has reduced sugar cravings!
After an eye exam showed high cholesterol, Patricia G had her levels worked on using biofeedback. When the doctor was sent over results saying that her cholesterol levels were normal, he requested to have her eyes checked out again. Sure enough, the results showed no cholesterol imbalances.
Mary S. had gone to numerous doctors and gone through lots of different medications for her daughter’s chronic headaches and mild seizures. After just 2 sessions on the LIFE System, her headaches and seizures were completely gone!
After 7 years of pain and frustration dealing with muscle aches, trouble sleeping, and bowel troubles, Paula R. was relieved in just one session of biofeedback. Her bowel troubles cleared up, she can now sleep peacefully, and the pain is minimized!
Using biofeedback, Tammy F.’s son has been gradually improving from symptoms of autism. After just one session, his sleep improved and by the fourth session, she noticed large changes in his levels of responsibility and manners. He is now employed and initiates conversations.
Suffering from allergies from various sources, Jennifer H. was hardly able to sleep because of congestion. After a few sessions on the LIFE System while holding her dog, she is now able to sleep at night with very little to no congestion!
In just a few minutes, Gina P. was able to completely remove pain in her abdomen!
Gail W. was able to reduce her cholesterol from over 90 to 75 using just two sessions on a biofeedback device!
Durae R. using various forms of biofeedback was able to completely get rid of one tumor and stop the growth of another!
Brigette W. Came in to have her sleep issues fixed and after just three sessions is enjoying sound sleep. In the process, her anxiety and stress levels have greatly reduced!
With the Scenar, Bonnie J. E. was able to do away with her full body brace and numerous medications!
After just one session, B. Lubanshi was bale to cut out their long-term caffeine addiction is now craving fruits and vegetables for the first time!
These are just a few stories about the miraculous things that people experience with biofeedback. I would strong recommend anyone (whether you have an ailment or not) to give biofeedback a try.
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