Eating Dairy Free


Dairy free diets are becoming more common by the day for various reasons. Although most wouldn’t argue with the taste, there are many that literally can’t digest the proteins and some that because of ethical or religious reasons won’t ingest it.
What is dairy?

Dairy refers to any milk products whether it is from a cow, goat, or any other animal. There are many different forms in which dairy can come from milk to cheese, yogurt to butter. These products are found in many other forms such as ice cream and infant formula.
Why go dairy free?

There are many reasons one would choose a dairy free lifestyle. For some, mainly vegan, consuming any animal products is against their ethical or moral standard. Most of the people you find on a dairy free diet choose to do so due to lactose intolerance which actually means they lack the enzyme to digests the lactose in milk which is the main protein. Common symptoms of lactose intolerance are indigestion and irritable bowels. Some are have a common food allergy to some types of dairy, but can enjoy others.
Are there other options?

Because of the prevalence of dairy free diets, there are many other options on the market as a substitute. For instance you can choose almond milk, soymilk, or coconut milk. As for cheese, there are many soy options available and even some made from cashews. For more information about a dairy free diet, click here.
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