Eating Egg Free

Once an American staple for Sunday breakfasts, eggs are becoming a thing of the past. For all vegans and people that just can’t eat eggs, here’s a bit about living an egg free lifestyle.
What are classified as eggs?

Eggs are laid by the females of a variety of different species from amphibians, fish, reptiles, to birds. Most commonly, when we think of edible eggs, we’re thinking of the eggs laid by birds, mainly chickens. We also eat quail eggs, duck eggs, and fish eggs. The egg consists of 3 parts, the shell, the egg white, and the egg yolk. Some of the most common food products containing eggs would be mayonnaise, pancakes, omelets, baked goods, quiches, & tarts.
Why go egg free?

Choosing to go egg free can simply be a decision to avoid eggs. The main reason many people choose to abstain from eggs because of a vegan diet where eggs would be classified as an animal product. Some, however, just can’t digest the proteins found in eggs. Also, there are may people that are allergic to the eggs in general, or because of the methods of processing.
Are there replacements available?

There are plenty of options on the market for someone that chooses to abstain from eggs. The safest method is to look for products that are labeled free of eggs, but simply checking the ingredients would tell you whether or not the product contains eggs. There are a variety of egg replacer brands that can be used in baking and cooking. Also, you can substitute eggs in cooking for things such as tofu, bananas, & flax seeds.
Eating egg free doesn’t have to be difficult and can be very rewarding if done correctly.
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