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Immediately, when a friend of mine as diagnosed with chronic bi-lateral feet problems, I began to put my best foot forward on learning about foot nutrition. What I’ve come to find is your feet are incredibly complex and equally as important. When you consider the fact that this will be your only pair, there really is no neglecting your feet. Here are 5 easy steps to consider towards having great feet.
Great Shoes – Many problems in the feet occur because people aren’t wearing the right shoes. Doctors see patients all the time who aren’t wearing the correctly sized shoe for their feet. Don’t do damage to your feet by not trying your shoes on. Oh, and don’t let fashion skew your vision: ladies, high heels will hurt your feet, and gentlemen, flat soled dress shoes aren’t going to exactly help keep your feet in tip top condition. If you must wear shoes that may not be the best on your feet, at least try and wear insoles in them.
Know Your Limits – Some people can run miles and others less than a quarter mile. Depending on what your fitness level is, make sure you know your limits. If you exert yourself too much, you’ll end up putting strain on your body and cause it to break down faster. Pace yourself; and most importantly, don’t mind being the turtle (he beat the hare anyway).
Take Care Of Them – Doctors say most feet problems start to occur when people reach 40. Don’t wait until then to start taking care of them, as foot problems can lead to an entirely different set of problems: knees, hips, stomach, even shoulder problems! So try massaging your feet in a footbath, or even just soak them. Don’t forget to do a little scrubbing with your pumice stone! Researchers say that spending the time to consciously think about your feet (and any other areas you’d like to take care of as well) can work wonders to repair, restore, and relax tired or achy feet.
Use Your Feet - You’d really miss your feet if you couldn’t sleepily roll out of bed with your eyes half open and walk downstairs, run outside to greet an old friend visiting, or go for long walks when you need to think. So get out there and use them! If you haven’t heard of this old saying yet, it might be time you do: If you don’t use it, you lose it! It’s really true, too!
Biofeedback – The #1 best thing you can do for your feet is to spend time on biofeedback. Biofeedback will allow the body to strengthen neural paths specifically to the areas that will benefit most. As in, it could allow your body to increase blood supply, repair damaged tissues, or mend microscopic traumas that may have occurred without your knowledge.
All of these with more applied knowledge will help greatly in your journey towards lifelong foot health!
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