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You’ve tried the low-carb diet, you’ve tried starving yourself, you may have even tried the “nothing but jello” diet, but nothing seems to work. Even when you lose a few pounds, they seem to come right back with a few extra friends. Why is that? It seems simple just eat less and move more and the weight should come off right? The reality is however that it’s not always so simple. Truth be told, there’s a science to weight loss and an even bigger business. There are countless pills, plans, and methods and all of them promise bigger results than the last with less effort too. If only we could lose weight by just watching these infomercials, we’d all be at the weight we’d like. Well, I’m not here to tell you that the others don’t work, but what I can tell you is The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method does work! It has been scientifically designed, tested, and proven. Having seen client after client lose pound after pound, I’d like to share with you a few reasons why it does work and give you a little inspiration for the journey along the way. 

Working for Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store and having tried those countless methods myself, I’ve come to realize that the trick to losing the weight and keeping it off is more than just a chemical or a diet plan. It comes down to the lifestyle we live and the choices we make. When clients start on the Ideal Protein plan, the first thing they do is set their goals. Most of these may seem a little distant even extravagant, but as they progress and they’re actually making the progress they envisioned, confidence grows by the day. Each week when they come in to stock up on their weekly meals, the difference is incredible. After a few weeks in, I hardly even recognize them! The beaming smile and the spring in their step is something that I’ve come to expect, but seeing each person on their growing (or shrinking rather) journey amazes me and warms my heart time and time again. 

The reason Ideal Protein works so well compared to any other program is because it’s not just a supplement or a diet or even a meal plan. It’s a complete method. The reason that most people have such a hard time losing weight is because their body isn’t functioning at optimal levels. This is in large part because of 2 reasons: the food they’re eating and the lifestyle they’re living. This program features the vitamins and supplements to get your body in high gear, high amounts of bio-available protein to rev up the fat burning pancreas, and weekly coaching to give you the confidence boost you need to be successful along the way. How could you not be confident stepping on the scale to find you’ve a pound a day? 

Now if you’re anything like me, the taste of anything that has nutrition in front of the name is enough to scare your tastebuds right off your tongue. That was something I quickly got over after trying just a few of the meals. I loved the taste of every on of them just as much as I would a home cooked meal. They definitely don’t skimp on the flavor. Don’t take it from me; give an Ideal Protein meal a taste. Something tells me you’d agree. These things are pretty tasty. Ideal Protein teaches shows you that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating blandly. 

When you have lost the weight and reached your goal, this is where other weight loss programs would leave you hanging and let you put the weight back on only to come back for round 2…and 3…and…4…and…(I think you get it) Ideal Protein on the other hand, because it works to reset your body’s metabolism and helps to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle, will stick with you forever. The weight will stay off and you won’t even recognize the person from the beginning. Not only will you feel healthy, you’ll be healthy. The best part is, you’ll know how to stay that way! I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to lose the weight once and for all in a fun, tasty, and enjoyable manner!

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