Fighting Infection

Infections come in all shapes and size, but one thing in common between them all is they’re all unwanted in our body. From the flu to the common cold, infection can get to us all. If you are careful, however, you can avoid getting an infection and let it pass right on by. Here a few simple ways to keep your immune system up so you can keep infection at bay.
Exercise – Studies have shown over and over that regular exercise can actually raise the levels of infection fighting organisms. There is no exercise in particular that you have to do, simply moving is enough. Yoga, because it is also stress relieving, is a great option for exercise. Even waling or riding a bike is greatly beneficial to avoiding infection.
Eating – The foods that you eat play an enormous role in how well you body is able to fight off infections. Eating foods that fight infection such as oysters, garlic, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and cranberries are crucial to staying healthy.
Supplement – Taking a regular multivitamin is very helpful as a first line of defense against infection, ut there are a few select supplements that will increase your immune system just that much more. Vitamin C is my favorite antioxidant and nutrient. Just a pinch is sure to help fight off infection. Porpolis, Astralgus, Reishi Mushroom, and probiotics all have a tremendous amount of benefit on the immune system.
Avoid – Avoiding harmful substances can be equally as important as taking good ones. Foods such as sugar have been shown to greatly lead to risk of infection. The reason behind this is because sugar actually lowers our white blood cells, which are our bodies natural antibodies. Alcohol is also a limiting factor to white blood cells so for that reason, it is best avoided as well. Not only that, but drinking can reduce various other nutrients too. Foods that you may be allergic to also have a great affect on your immune system, so those are best avoided. Coffee, although it is America’s favorite pick-me-up, can actually tax the adrenal glands, leading to infection.
There you have it folks. Use these tips and stay healthy this year. Avoiding the bed has never been so simple!
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