10 Miraculous Things You Can Do With Biofeedback


Biofeedback is the newest trend and the oldest technology. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’ll surely hear talk about it buzzing around town soon. When it comes down to it, biofeedback is simply training your brain to heal your body. That being said, biofeedback has existed as long as humans have. In fact the one of the earliest forms of biofeedback is called by a different name today. Maybe you’ve heard of it even. 

The technical name is “Yoga”. When I say Yoga, I’m not just talking about sitting in a room with a bunch of sweaty people stretching and humming. Granted that is what a good portion of yoga is today, but Yoga is traditionally defined as a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline to gain perfect spiritual tranquility and awareness. The exact origin and date of Yoga is nearly impossible as the root of it is simply gaining control over the processes of one’s body. 

The good news is that we live in the 21st century and with that comes 21st century technology! You no longer have to meditate for 20 hours a day or practice 360 days a year just to give your mind control over your body. Actually, it can’t get much easier. Most devices on the market don’t require much more than sitting in a chair and pushing a button. Whether you’re looking for relief from arthritis to ADHD from migraines to menstrual cramps or even that aching lower back, there’s a device that can help! A few devices can even give your body a full reading and help you customize your nutrition to yourself entirely! Some of the most popular devices include Avazzia, The LIFE System, and The EIS System. Out of the countless things that biofeedback can help, here’s a very condensed list: 

1. ADHD: Defined as an attention deficit disorder, ADHD is one of the most prevalent issues affecting our nations youth. It makes sense when you consider the fast paced, high action society we live in these days. When our bodies are stressed, our minds move in more directions than ever and not always in a productive manner. The key to combating this is to de-stress and relax. When we are relaxed, we are able to gain the focus our attention on the present and calm our state of mind. While this is simple for some, for others it isn’t so easy. The LIFE System is a biofeedback device that allows just that. A moment to sit, relax and train the mind to deal with stresses in a positive manner. It can help to teach many techniques and can give that extra tool for true relaxation and thus give one the ability to overcome attention disorders like ADHD. 

2. Depression: When it comes to depression anyone that has experienced it knows that it is more than just being sad or a lack of being happy. That’s what makes it such a complex issue. If you’re like me, being on drugs isn’t going to make you any less depressed, but maybe even more-so. That’s where The LIFE System becomes a crucial tool in coping and overcoming depression. Some would classify it as a chemical disorder; others would say we’re just not realizing the gifts in life. Either way a few sessions on The LIFE System will benefit dramatically. When we can access the tools that our mind provides us, we can trigger it to send the chemicals needed to balance our moods. If we take the time to relax, breathe deep and take note of the blessings we have, this will just make us that much more thankful for the life we have and thus happier, less sad, and more fulfilled. 

3. Addiction: Although it may seem like it’s nearly impossible to over the cravings of any addiction whether it be food, drugs, or anything else, I’m here to tell you that people do live happy and fulfilled lives without the constant drive to substances or activities. In fact, I would say that without these drives, life can be much more fulfilling. Addiction is not too far off from a simple craving of pleasure or feeling good. The key thing to realize, is that the feeling good that comes is only temporary and that what we really desires to be fulfilled as human beings is long lasting and ever present happiness. Through working with the mind to send out the chemicals necessary for each circumstance, we no longer need to look for outside sources. A few sessions with The LIFE System and you will see reduced craving with an equal if not more quality of life. This is accomplished through understanding, teaching, and working with the mind. 

4. Anxiety: When nervousness strikes, it can sometimes be the hardest thing to deal with and can add to stress to an already stressful situation. Through relaxation and de-stressing techniques learned through biofeedback, we can better assess the cause of the anxiety and thus reduce the “fuel to the fire”. The LIFE System can help to teach the mind how to better cope with these stresses allowing you to freely and easily accomplish the task at hand without getting nervous or anxious. 

5. Migraines: There are many different way’s to reduce and even completely get rid of migraines through biofeedback methods. That sounds much better than taking a pill to reduce the pain only to have it come back tenfold because of the effects of the medication. When a migraine strikes, it can be one of the most excruciating pains you’ve ever experienced. The very stress that caused the migraine can even be increased because of the migraine. That’s why it’s important to have the tools at hand. Avazzia is a hand-held pain relief device that allows just that. Simply put the device on the sin and with the push of a button and a few moments of relaxing massage, you can loosen up the muscles causing strain and get blood flowing to the area where it is needed

6. Muscle/Joint Pain: Like migraines, muscle and joint pain can be a nuisance that, although it doesn’t stop you from living life, can make it very hard. For people with chronic pain they know this all too well. The drugs wear off and the pain is back again, cycle after cycle. The body through just masking the pain doesn’t heal itself and we end up worse off than we began. The Avazzia trains the brain to heal itself. This is where the relief comes from. Not from masking, but from actually dealing with the issue at hand. And unlike a pain medication, the results are immediate and everlasting! 

7. Heart Disease: Being our energetic center, heart problems usually stem from a variety of causes and also have a variety of treatments. Biofeedback is my recommended treatment for a variety of reasons. The first being that putting more substances on an already struggling heart is going to be overwhelming. The second and main reason stems from the fact that the first thing we must do to heal the heart is take the stress off it that caused it in the first place. Whether it be from over exertion or over eating from smoking or trauma, the first thing we must do is relax our minds to begin the healing process. We can begin with The LIFE System to learn mechanisms in which to deal with the stresses. We can use The EIS System to help pinpoint the causes of the issue and thus the possible lifestyle changes to help. Then as an added tool, we can use the Avazzia to reduce the pain and tell the body exactly where it that it needs to heal. 

8. Allergies: One of the most interesting thing I’ve experienced with biofeedback is overcoming allergies, whether it be lactose, shellfish, or anything else. If you’re like me, you though you were born with an allergy so you’ll forever have to abstain from eating that food or being around that cat. The truth is, when we begin to rewire our brain and change our thought processes we are opened up to tons of new things. The EIS System can help to pinpoint where the allergy is coming from as well as give you guidelines on eating best for your body to keep it in a state where it can make sense out of these. 

9. Ulcers: The EIS System, by assessing the body as a whole can accurately pinpoint the chemicals in your body that are excess and the are in low supply. By doing this, you are able to find out why it is that your stomach isn’t taking in the nutrients it needs to appropriately and also why you may be craving something in excess. It can help to lay out an eating guideline to nurture and heal as opposed to doing more damage. 

10. Cholesterol: Like ulcers, high cholesterol is mainly trigger by diet and stress. Because of this, using The EIS System to locate imbalances in the body will help to get your body eating the foods it needs and cut out the foods it doesn’t. This alone will lead to a less stressful lifestyle. Also using The LIFE System to reduce stress will help to make better choices which will just give that extra tool to lowering cholesterol 

There are hundreds of other ailments that biofeedback can help with, all without costly procedures, medications, and doctor’s visits. The trick here is that biofeedback teaches your body to heal itself. Without all that money wasted, no wonder the doctors and prescription companies don’t want you to get your hands on these. Together, we can usher in a new state of health…one that is everlasting.

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