Living Nut Free

For everyone out there that can’t even touch a nut and anyone that voluntarily abstains, here’s some information to help you live a nut free life a little bit easier. 
What is classified as a nut?

What we think of as nuts are traditionally tree nuts. Coming from trees, they are actually the seed of the tree. These grow mostly in tropical climates, but can be found in some of the warmer regions of the US and Europe. Some of the most common tree nuts are walnuts, pecan, cashews, almonds, pistachios, & hazelnuts. If you notice, peanuts aren’t on that list. The reason being, peanuts aren’t classified as a nut. A peanut actually belongs to the legume (or bean) family because they grow in the ground and have more than one seed per pod. The flavor and nutritional value is similar to that of a nut though.

Why go nut free? 
Although there are a few that voluntarily abstain from nuts, the main reason is because of an allergy. Nut allergies tend to be one of the most dangerous due to the reactions that are caused. With just a small amount of ingested nuts, anaphylactic shock or even death can result. This usually holds true with just peanuts, just tree nuts, or both tree nuts and peanuts. 

Are there any other options? 
Thankfully, there are many substitutes on the market today. Many of which can be found at you local health food store. For instance, a great peanut butter replacement is sesame butter as seeds have a similar nutritional structure of nuts. A diet not containing any nuts should make sure to have the nutrients coming from other sources.
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