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We’ve all eaten far too much, on say occasions such as family gatherings or picnics, but for some of us, eating just the right amount is one of the most difficult tasks in life. For this reason, I’m going to share with you a few tricks I’ve learned along the way to make sure you feels full, but till have the energy to do anything.
Feel Yourself – The first thing I would start with is making sure you’re paying attention to how your body feels. When we have eaten too little, too much, or just not the right stuff, we feel tired and lethargic, but when we are nourished appropriately, we feel like nothing is impossible. If you’re the type of person to starve yourself in order to lose those extra few calories, you likely won’t have much success. In doing that, you’ve already gone into starvation mode meaning your body is going to go through your nutrients much too quickly. So most importantly, is to eat when your hungry, which can usually be determined by the stomachs behavior or overall energy levels.
Stopping eating when we feel full is also one of the most important factors. Besides fighting lethargy, you will also be fighting heartburn, indigestion, and a whole host of other problems if your stomach is too full. Eat for nutrition rather than flavor and you’ll notice how incredible the food you’re eating actually is. This way, you won’t need to go in for extra.
Balanced Meals – To help you feel more full, without feeling too full, eating a good balance of nutrients is important. Now there’s no definitive science, but when I get a good meal with grains, fruits, veggies, protein, and dairy, I feel great. By getting all of nutrients, I don’t have to question another trip to the kitchen. You’ll also stay more full for longer with a complete meal.
The Right Order – Have you ever eaten a steak, then finished off with a piece of fruit? If you experience is anything like mine, you’ll notice that the fruit doesn’t seem to sit right in my stomach. The reason for this is because meat, because of its high protein content, takes much longer to digest. By the time the stomach even gets to digest the fruit, it’s already begun fermenting. For the best mix in your stomach, make sure to eat easier digesting foods such as fruits and veggies first and finish with carbs and protein.
Hydrate Appropriately – Our bodies, which are made mostly of water, crave the stuff. If we are under hydrated, our body will constantly be telling us that we are in need of more nutrients. The first place we look most of the time is in the pantry. It’s important to pay attention to the amount of water you take in because when it comes down to it, water’s the most essential food item you could be putting in your mouth.
Meal Rather Than Snack – A light snack in between meals is ideal, but eating non-stop for hours on end is not such a good idea. When we fill up at meals, we’re more likely to be eating more quality food, eat less, and stay full longer than if we’re just choosing processed snacks all the time.
With these few tips and a little willpower, anyone can avoid the trap of overeating.
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