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Since our days can be so jam packed full of stuff these days, it’s a wonder how anyone can take the time to eat healthy. In between running the kids to soccer practice and a full time job, making a 7-course meal isn’t too fitting. With a few easy tips, actually it’s not all that difficult to maintain proper nutrition. In fact, with these 5 easy steps you can eat completely fresh with under an hour of prep time per day!
Trail Mix – there’s nothing quite like a homemade trail mix. Sure, you could buy one at the store, but then who knows about the quality, or the ingredients even. Trail mix is about as simple to make as it gets. All you need to do is put the ingredients in a bag and shake. You could even bake it if you wanted to go fancy. My favorite trail mix is simply cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, date pieces, dried fruit of some sort, and maybe even a few chocolate chips. If you’re interested in baking the trail mix, spices and granulated foods, like sugar work best.
Weekly Meal – If only eating dinner lasted as long as cooking it. Well…when you cook a large portion once or twice a week, then fix it up daily; more time is actually spent eating than cooking. To keep your veggies freshest, I would recommend cooking a couple smaller meals early in the week, then cooking a large one to last you until next week. Some of my favorite complete meals are quinoa, pizza, pesto pasta, enchiladas, and bean burgers. The trick here is to load up on veggies. I would strongly recommend using every single vegetable in your fridge. Not only do they make it extra tasty, but also it makes for more complete nutrition.
Smoothie – For a days serving of fruit in the palm of your hand, a smoothie is ideal. Less than 5 minutes prep time and your set. Recommended, but not necessary is a single serving size blender (for on-the-go convenience). What you should always have on hand, however, is a variety of frozen fruits and berries, as well as some natural juice. That’s all it takes for a great smoothie! Some additions that make for more of a hearty meal-type smoothie are peanut butter, vanilla, yogurt, milk, & oats.
Daily Breakfast – Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Having your breakfast planned out makes waking up simple and rewarding. Traditionally, I like to have 1 routine breakfast in which I can change some variables, then also have a few special options. With oatmeal, I find I can make steel cut, quick, regular, oat bran, wheat bran, quinoa flakes, and similar foods while consistently changing the topping from peanut butter to almond butter to banana to dates. Here’s a simple recipe for a great bowl of oats. Other than that, there are always the classics like a bowl of cereal, runny eggs and toast, pancakes, french toast, and biscuits.
Healthy Snacks – Snacks are the quickest food source by far, but it’s not easy to make the best choices. The solution here is to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time. Besides the processed stuff you can get at a health food store, some of my favorite healthy snacks are a piece of cheese or almond butter toast if I’m around home. For the go, a sliced apple with some ascorbic acid, a few halves of celery and carrots, green beans, or whatever else might be in the fridge. Most things will stay good throughout the course of the day.
With these simple steps, eating healthy can be quicker, easier, & more fulfilling than eating fast food. Feel free to share any tips you may have so we can add to the list.
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