How to Stay Energized 

Keeping your energy levels up is at some times a difficult task. It seems like just when we need that second pick-me-up is just when our body seems to hut off and our mind goes into a fog. Although it’s not an exact science, there are many ways to stay energized throughout the day without the afternoon grogginess. Here are a few ways: 
Get a good nights rest – The mot important factor in how energized you’re going to stay today is how well you slept last night. Anything under 6 hours, and you’re sure to be affected the next day. Keeping a consistent sleeping schedule and making sure to get up when you planned is also very important. Studies show that when we sleep in past when our body wants to wake, it actually makes us more tired the next day. 
Hydrate – Obviously drinking water is important to our overall health, but it is often overlooked when we think about our energy levels. Just taking a few sips of water has the ability to wake you right up. The reason is because a good portion of the time when we get groggy in the middle of the day, we’re actually suffering from very mild dehydration. Drinking the water just balances our levels out. For increased energy drinking alkaline water can give you that extra boost. 
Eat the right foods – As food is our main sources of energy, it is very important in keeping our energy levels up and us awake. Not just any food will do however. It is very important to make sure that you’re getting ample nutrients and most importantly avoiding the snack foods. Foods high in salt and sugar can quickly zap our energy levels. To avoid the food coma, try out low sodium or sugar free foods. 
Don’t overeat – We’ve all experienced the Thanksgiving feast with a nap for desert. The reason so many people have to take a nap shortly after eating is because they over eat. When we overeat, our body send more blood to our stomach than is going to our head. Because of this, it becomes difficult, sometimes impossible, to stay awake. Don’t make the mistake of overeating, and your body will surely gain energy from the food as opposed to lose it. 
Cut the coffee – Although that cup of coffee may wake you up in the morning, its surely going to send you crashing down in the afternoon. In fact, there’s a good chance that if you weren’t drinking coffee in the first place, you wouldn’t need it to wake up in the morning. The reason is because when intake caffeine, our body sends our energy levels on a spike upward, and quick spike downwards. If we can avoid the coffee altogether, we can have more balanced energy levels. If you experience difficulties getting rid of the coffee, give biofeedback a try. 
Powernap – If you still get tired in the afternoon or the evening with all these tips, feel free to take a nap. A powernap is ideal for the businessman or the student. At just 20 minutes, you can fit a powernap into just about any schedule. A 20-minute nap tends to be more relieving than even an hour-long nap because of the cycles our mind goes through while we are sleeping. This is just perfect to catch the initial cycle.
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