Staying Warm in Frigid Temperatures

In honor of the frightful weather outside, today I’m going to share with a few pointers on how to stay warm in frigid temperatures.
Sauna – As well as a quite relaxing time, a sauna is a great way to get warm in the winter. When you heat your body using a sauna, you’ll feel warm for a lot longer than the duration your in there. The reason for this is because of the way it heats your body from the inside out and gets your circulation flowing.
Warm beverages – The easiest way for some quick warmth is to drink a warm beverage. Whether it be tea, coffee, or warm milk, the warmth of the liquids inside will warm up our body from the inside out. Since you’re actually taking the warmth with you, it will keep you warm for awhile too!
Move – Sitting still makes the blood stagnate and can make us feel cold. When we get up and move around a little bit, it gets the blood flowing and our heart pumping. Quickly enough you’ll feel warm. In fact, people have been known to run in freezing temperatures in nothing but a T-Shirt and shorts!
Cap & Mittens – The first thing to make sure you have covered in the cold is your core as that’s where most of our organs and tissue is, but after that we often forget the head and hands. Because most of our heat is lost through our head, it is very important to make sure to have our head covered. Our hands are one of our best temperature sensors so if you’re feeling cold, make sure to throw on some gloves to warm the hands. If you’ve done all this, and you’re still cod, you may need a scarf or something to cover your mouth and nose. If you don’t carry a face-mask with you everywhere, simply tie a shirt over your face.
Biofeedback – Whether your using a device, or just doing it yourself, biofeedback is a great way to warm up. One of the tests of a biofeedback device is to have a patient warm their hands using nothing but their mind. You can do this with every extremity and the entire body as well!
Shiver – Believe it or not, shivering is our bodies built in warming mechanism. The reason we shiver is to move our muscles and create heat energy. Next time your teeth start to chatter and you body starts to shake, be thankful and let your body take care of the warming for you.
Make sure to stay warm this season and if all else fails, enjoy the heater and have a nice time next to the fireplace!
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