How to Strengthen Your Immune System


In honor of National AIDS awareness day, I’m going to share with you few pointers on keeping your immune system up, because while we take it for granted, there are many without the ability to fight off disease. People living with AIDS are in a constant fight to fend off disease because of the lack of immunity that the disease entails. Whether your perfectly healthy, or living with an auto immune disorder such as this, keeping the immune system up is one of the most important things you can do for your body, mind and life in general.

It’s definitely not a science, but rather an art based on scientific fact, to keep your immune system up. In fact, there are no specific levels. If there were, it’d be a lot easier. The trick here is to always keep awareness as to how you feel and how your body is functioning. When we feel at our best, chances are our immune system is functioning at it’s best as well. When we’re not feeling so well, neither is our immune system. Here are a few tricks to make sure you’re at your healthiest peak at all times so you don’t get sick and you can take advantage of the health that some don’t have the opportunity to obtain. 

Exercise – Any type of activity for just a short amount of time daily will help you to feel healthier, better, and of course more fit. Also, exercising will allow you to better asses where your nutrition levels are on a daily basis, so you can always stay at your peak. When we exercise, it allows our blood to flow more freely and oxygenates the body, both of which are incredibly beneficial to our immune system. Most people dread even the word exercise, but it doesn’t have to be anything crazy or even strenuous. My favorite exercise is stretching. After waking and before going to sleep, I just take the usual yawn and extend it into an arm stretch and now Yoga. You could even go for a walk, roll around, or just about anything that uses the bodies natural movements. It’s a simple trade for great health. 

Eat Fresh – In our fast paced society, eating fresh is sometimes hard and often overlooked. Truth is, it doesn’t have to be. Now I’m not saying go on a raw food diet or anything, but just a few fresh items a day will keep you feeling great and re-energize your immune system. My favorite choice are ones that don’t need to be cooled such as apples, bananas, oranges, and avocados because I can eat them on the run, but the trick here is to choose things that you enjoy eating and slowly broaden your fruit and veggie tastes. 

Avoid Chemicals – Another one that has taken our society by storm are the chemicals in processed food. The simplest way to avoid these is to cook your own meals and skip the fast food. A few meals here and there aren’t going to hurt, but fast food and processed snacks should only be a small part of your diet. If time is a factor, pack a lunch, cook your meals beforehand, and come up with creative snacks. The trick here is to listen to what your body wants. If you’re craving something tasty, go with a cube of cheese. If you’re craving something hearty, go with a scoop of almond butter. If you’re need grains, toast a piece of bread and dip it in olive oil. 

Get some sunshine – We often underestimate the power of a little sunshine, but the truth is the Vitamin D you get from the sun is one of the most important things you an put into your body. I always wonder how most of Americans are Vitamin D deficient when we have a giant source right in the sky. This will not only raise your immune system, but will make you feel better. The trick here is to not overdo it. Fair skinned people need just 15 minutes of direct sunlight per day to maintain levels of Vitamin D. 

Hydrate – Drop the soda and pick up some water. The more you drink, the better you feel. I guess it makes sense since we’re mostly composed of water in the first place. Personally I can’t go anywhere without my gallon of water. When I’m hydrated, I not only feel better, but I make better choices. For the healthiest option drinking alkalized water will help to level out the PH in your body. 

Sleep – Being my favorite part of the day, sleeping comes naturally to me. Sleep is one of the most important parts of our day because it allows our bodies to regenerate. It’s when we’re sleeping that we’re able to digest the day’s thoughts and restore our muscles. Without sleep, our nutrition would suffer greatly and so would our immune system. Go ahead, dream a little. If you have trouble sleeping, supplements such as Melatonin or 5-HTP are great tools. If you don’t have time to sleep 6-8 hours a night, feel free to take a 20-minute catnap during the day. 

Sauna – If you have access to a sauna, this is one of the best things you can do to keep up your immune system. Not only does it feel relaxing, it gets your blood flowing just like working out. The only difference is you don’t have to move a muscle. Because of the heat, a sauna is able to kill just about any bug that might be dwelling inside and give your body a full detox. You will leave feeling energized and refreshed, and your immune system will thank you. Make sure to eat some protein afterwards though because you body and muscles did get a work out! The Infrared Cedar Sauna down at Revitalize! is easily your best choice in Kennewick.

Relax – My personal favorite way to stay healthy is to relax. With stress being the biggest threat to our immunity, this is also very important in staying healthy. In our hectic lifestyles, relaxing isn’t always that easy. We go, we stop, we go, we stop. Sometimes we forget to breath. Everytime you have a free moment, I would recommend to you this. Take a few deep breaths, have seat, and turn your mind off. You’d be surprised how helpful this becomes in your day to day tasks. If you have trouble relaxing, there are lots of options available, my favorite being biofeedback. The LIFE System is specifically design for stress relief and it does just that (Along with tons of other things)

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