Eating Sugar Free


Avoiding sugar can be one of the most difficult diet choices, but when equipped with the right knowledge and a little substitution, eating can be just as fulfilling. Here are some guidelines an tips about eating a sugar free diet.
What is a sugar free diet?

A typical sugar free diet doesn’t cut out any and all types of sugar, but rather just the refined white table sugar. A person on a sugar free diet would still be allowed to eat natural sugars from fruits and other various sources.
Why go sugar free?

There are various health reasons that one would choose to live a sugar free lifestyle. Besides that blood sugar effect, there are many people that don’t have a choice. The main condition that limits sugar intake is diabetes. This could be something that one is born with, or have developed in their lifetime. When a person with diabetes eating refined sugar, it causes a blood sugar spike which in turn causes various health problems from lethargy to light headedness.
How do I avoid sugar?
There are many sugar free options, most of which are labeled as such. Also, there are many substitutes for sugar such as applesauce, xylitol, agave nectar, dates, etc.
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