5 Tips, Trick, & Health Oddities


Sungazing – Having been practiced for thousands of years, as long as the sun and humans have coexisted more than likely, it’s a surprise that sungazing is just now starting to become more prevalent. We’ve been taught and conditioned since early childhood in America that even looking at the sun will damage your eyes forever and because of that we live in a society where it’s cooler to wear sunglasses than to absorb those natural rays. Now I wouldn’t recommend going out in the middle of the day and stare into the sun, the key here is moderation. In the earliest & latest hours of the day right after sunrise and right before sunset, is when the suns rays are the mellowest and are most easily absorbed by the eyes. Though not widely known, our eyes are doing much more than translating images. They act as a mean to absorb nutrients as well. With the right know-how and strict practice, the benefits of sungazing will amaze. 

Oil Pulling – Quite possibly one of the best things you could do for your teeth, oil pulling is one of new favorite health techniques. All you have to do is swish your favorite cooking oil for 20 minutes per day. I would recommend sesame because of the flavor, but any oil will do and it’s even best to switch occasionally. What oil pulling will do for you clean your mouth of what brushing and rinsing will leave behind. The bacteria in our mouth are attracted to fats. When we swish, it actually attracts and kills the bacteria so when we spit it out, we’re actually spitting out all of the nasty bacteria as well. Make sure to do this on an empty stomach and prepare to be amazed! 

Ear Candling – Ever have that awful plugged ear? That one that no matter what you do, just won’t come unplugged? I’ve been there. I’ve also been to the health store and seen those conical ear candles. Honestly I don’t think that any amount of earwax is too much for these things. Each and every time I use them, I’m amazed by the amount of substance I am able to collect and I’ve always had success unplugging any clog. 

Neti Pot – What could be more refreshing than an entire flush of the sinuses? After just one use with a Neti Pot, and you’ll breath easier and your head will feel clearer. Honestly these little things are amazing. It always amazes me to watch something go in one nostril and come out the other! 

Egg Shells – We’ve all eaten eggs, some of us eat the yolk, but I don’t know too many people that eat the shells too. Well they’re missing out. If you’re looking to re-grow bone, teeth, or just keep them all in great shape, this is the first place you should look. Eggs shells have all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to re-grow bone. I didn’t even know that was possible! Making sure to wash them thoroughly, just boil the shells and blend them up in your favorite smoothie. One egg shell a day with a little strength of will and you’ll be re-growing limbs like a salamander. 

All of these products and more can be found at Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store in Kennewick, Washington (Except for the sun of course which can be found somewhere in the sky on most days)

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