The Right Weight?


A healthy weight is something that should be as familiar as he back of your hand. The sad truth is that with new information coming out daily, various lifestyles, and a large market behind the business, it’s not as easy as it once was to figure out what a healthy weight for yourself is. I’d like to attempt to answer the questions for you of what a healthy weight is, how to get there, and why it’s healthy, both for men and women. 

Go out and grab a magazine, what is the first thing you’re likely to see? More than likely you’ll see women that haven’t eaten in a few days then have been computerized to take off even more weight. When we consider that these are role models for many girls, the first question we should ask is “is this really healthy”. Women, you can take a deep breath, because the truth is that while all of these may not be unhealthy, it doesn’t mean that your body has to look like that to be healthy. Health is something that is specific to each person. 

A simple animal comparison would be a hibernating bear needs lots of extra stuffing to keep it warm, while a cheetah needs to trim any excess fat to catch it’s prey as quick as possible. The same concept can be applied to a healthy weight for ourselves. Human beings in our society, don’t need a ton of excess weight, but could definitely use to store a little fat along with a healthy supply of muscle. The reason our body likes to store fat is because it used for energy in times when we don’t have constant food intake. Because of this, it doesn’t have to resort to using muscle and organ tissues. Having some muscle tissue is great for a healthy weight because with these muscles, we can lift, move, and even sleep better. 

Simply put, there is so specific healthy weight for a female or a male, just making sure to sustain proper nutrition, hydrate appropriately, get ample exercise and maintain a fat and muscle balance. 

With low weight being a more common thing because of the lack of available nutrients and mass media body imaging, some may find it more troubling to gain weight than to lose it. If you are in this position, first know that healthy is much more attractive than skinny. The reason being, if you’re healthy, than you can be admired, if you’re unhealthy, then people are going to worry about you. To gain weight that may have been lost, the most important thing is to make sure you’re eating balanced. Once you have a good eating routine, then exercising regularly will help to maintain healthy muscle mass. With a little work and the right mentality, you will be healthier by the time you know it.

For help losing weight, I would recommend the same thing. Eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly. That with proper hydration will snap your body back into shape quickly! For even more help, Ideal Protein has given people the extra tool they need to lose 3-7 lbs a week and hCG has help many others reach their goals.

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