5 Nifty Nutrition Tricks


1. When dieting, the trick is to eat everything....Experts say you should never cut any food group out of your diet -- including carbohydrates. Equally important is to learn which carbohydrates give you the biggest bang for your nutritional buck. "It's a lot harder to run amuck when you are including carbohydrates like fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains in your diet" Ideal Protein is a great diet featuring complete meals.

2. A new way to peel a banana? When observed opening their bananas, monkeys of all types will start at the bottom and peel upward. Looks like we've been peeling them backwards. The benefit...you don't get the strings! 

3. To stay full and retain energy eat LESS... Eating less food more often has significant health benefits. First, by eating less you won't feel over-stuffed so you will be able to move more freely. Secondly, since you are eating often, you won't need to binge because you can count on a meal soon. 

4. Clap your hands and say YEAH! Clapping is loads of fun. Researchers have found that clapping can improve somebody's well being.Try it. I bet you can't stop smiling. 

5. Remember the Hula Hoop? It's Back... If you're looking to shave a few pound of the abdomen, this will do just the trick. Hoops help tone your middle section and burn calories with multiple minutes of use. "It's amazing for the entire abdominal area, lower, middle, and upper as well as the obliques in lower back. It gets the entire core."

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