Cheetos, Cheerios, & Cherry Pie


Remember your favorite cereal as a kid? What about your favorite after school snack? Some of the staples in many homes were from Cap’n Crunch to Snack Packs, from cookies to crackers. We grew up on these classic snacks! And we thought those were the Good Ol' Days. Unfortunately, as many of you know, these varieties are pretty much inedible due to the preservatives and chemicals packed into the food. With these toxins increasing more and more, it’s becoming challenging to find companies that are keeping up the quality of the past. Fortunately, old supermarkets are quickly being replaced by ones with real organic foods! 

Take a gander down our isles at Revitalize!, and you’ll find fruit loops made from real fruit, cheese puffs you can actually eat, and candy bars that won’t send your blood sugar on a rollercoaster. Some of our favorite brands are Envirokids, Barbara's, Amy's, & Surf Sweets. Indulge…

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