Your Get Out of the Flu Free Card


Winter’s quickly approaching and flu season is right on it’s tail. Fortunately this year, you and I can be one of those “lucky” ones that escape the misery of a bed-ridden week and stay healthy all winter long. What I’ve come to realize is the people that don’t get sick aren’t the lucky ones at all…they’re the smart ones. Healthy people know exactly why they don’t get sick and the secret is all too obvious. Get checked. If you are making sure to keep your nutrition levels up, than your immunity will never be low enough to catch something. Make sure to get all of your antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients, and I am willing to bet you’ll enjoy more trips to the mountain and sips of cocoa than ever before! 

To make sure your levels are ideal, schedule an appointment on The Revelar. Finding out how high your free radicals are and which antioxidants benefit your body, makes staying healthy a cinch! 

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