Common Causes of Stress and How to Eradicate It Naturally

By: Chachanna Simpson


Stress is a slow killer. Prolonged stress can lead to hypertension, blood pressure, blood clots and so on, even causing strokes. Stress is caused due to several reasons. Life is filled with stress factors; the amount of stress that a person experiences depends on how that person reacts to the stress factor. Since the level of reaction differs, the same stress factor affects different people differently. In simple terms, stress is defined as any physical or emotional demand that a person feels unable to handle.

Parental Stress:

The task of raising children from infancy to adulthood can cause a great deal of stress, anxiety and worry in parents. Not every person is suited for this task; however, people don’t quiz themselves on parenting ability before becoming parents. As a result, when the children arrive, they find themselves at odds and experience a great deal of stress over what can be termed regular ups and downs while raising a child. Trivial daily hassles build up and add to the pressure until the parent is ready to burst with anger and frustration. For any kind of parent, it’s tough to remain cool, calm and full of energy can be difficult. Being responsible for and continuously loving underperforming children, child aggressiveness, unruly kids and step kids, hyperactive kids, difficult and challenging kids, and sick kids can stress parents to the breaking point. 

Handling Parental Stress Naturally:

Parenting can be a true pleasure if you handle it naturally. To avoid the stresses inherent in parenting, you need to accept the fact that stress can`t be avoided. If stress becomes too much, ask for and seek support from your family and from professionals, if need be. Plan your day in advance so that you have the bandwidth to deal with emergencies. Talk to your children and tell them how you feel without laying the blame on them. When children fail, don’t judge them; rather, teach them to accept failure as a part of life and encourage them to strive harder. Listen to your children; children want to be heard. When they’re not heard, they try to get your attention using means that’ll stress you out further. So listen to your children and pay heed to the things they say and the things that they are unable to say. Spend quality time with your children and you’ll find that in the giving and receiving, your parental stress will reduce on its own. 

Relationship And Marital Stress:

Adults suffer severe stress due to deteriorating relationships and bad marriages. When a relationship goes bad, usually people blame their spouse or partner for the mess. Divorces are hitting an all time high; there are endless cases of alimony suits, physical abuse in marriage, stressed single parents, kids rebelling when parents split and so on. Handling a relationship requires much patience and tolerance. However, instead of handling a relationship’s stresses, people choose escape routes such as adultery and substance abuse. This gives rise to further issues within a marriage. Marital stress manifests itself as chronic disorders such as insomnia, hypertension and depression. 

Handling Relationship Stress Naturally:

Make quality time for your partner or spouse. Remember that when you enter a committed relationship, you promise to give of yourself fully. This means you cannot be selfish and take care of only your needs. Your marriage cannot work on its own; it needs you to make it work. Always remember how things were at the beginning. Weren’t they perfect? Then what went wrong? An unaffectionate spouse does not turn into a vile, aggressive one overnight without some cause, either external or internal. Attend couples counseling to find out the root of the problem between you and your partner. Forgive your mistakes and those of your partner. Remember that when two people are involved, there is bound to be a certain amount of misunderstanding. Make allowances for this, and instead of reacting aggressively, stay calm and wait for your partner to catch up. It’s a good idea for couples to attend meditation classes and yoga classes together. Not only will they bond better, but they will understand how to deal with common areas of friction better. It’s easy to give in to stress, suffer and make your partner suffer needlessly. However, if you took charge and decided to make matters smoother, your stress will reduce and your health will improve reasonably. 

Career And Family Stresses:

Everyone wants a challenging career. In the beginning, a challenging career seems to be a reward in itself; working with like-minded people and enjoying success at work gives a high that can be somewhat addictive. However, when a person starts a family, or has a family that needs more of him or her, balancing family needs with professional demands becomes a tricky and frustrating challenge. This conflict can give rise to guilt, feelings of inadequacy, anger, secretive behavior and depression. 

Handling Career And Family Stresses Naturally:

The trick to balancing career and family priorities is to evaluate one’s choices and make time for both work and play. Remember that the people in your life have a right to your time. however, also remember that they don’t have the right to judge you or make you feel guilty over your obsession with work. If you feel aggressive towards your family for being harsh in this area, consult a professional counselor immediately. Even when you use all your resources to find solutions, you might still feel inadequate. Get your family together in a room and talk it out with them. Make sure that an objective third party arbitrator is present so that things don’t get out of hand. The idea is for you to achieve a happy balance and to find the motivation to do so. If things are bad, take a break from your family and from work to mull things over in private. You need to take these steps before drastic situations occur. More suicides occur when people find themselves unable to deal with work and family stresses put together. Unable to satisfy either front and growing desperately unhappy within, many sad people have killed themselves instead of seeking external help. Don’t let this happen to you.



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