Mineral Mine Makeup

You try to avoid putting chemicals onto your skin, so when it comes to makeup, you know to choose an organic, natural product. Since the FDA does not authorize the ingredients used in cosmetics, companies can use virtually any contaminants they want. To go the natural route, makeup made from minerals, also known as mineral makeup, seems like an obvious choice to many. This is a step in the right direction; however, few customers are aware that some mineral makeup companies still add man-made chemicals and harmful ingredients to their makeup products. For example, Bare Minerals by Bare Essentials, adds a higher concentration of Bismuth Oxychloride to provide more glow and sheen. Users have experienced irritation and breakouts with ingredients more mild than that. 

To avoid harmful additives, why not try out our line of Mineral Mine makeup? Mineral Mine uses only the best, most natural ingredients along with high quality manufacturing practices to provide a makeup for you that won’t irritate your face and is healthy for your skin. If you’ve had problems with mineral makeup in the past, you’ll be able to say goodbye to inflammation and irritation with Mineral Mine makeup. 

Still not convinced? Drop by the store in Kennewick and schedule an appointment today for a free makeover with Maureen and try out our natural makeup products for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!


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