Avazzia Avazzia is our favorite device at Revitalize! Health Spa in Kennewick, It is a handheld, battery powered, microcurrent, biofeedback device that applies relaxation/ stimulation pulses to stimulate the body’s natural response to massage therapy. By holding the electrode on the skin, Avazzia provides non-invasive pain relief, usually within 10 minutes. 
For ease of use, The Avazzia has interactive beeps and ring tones indicate when desired results are achieved and when measure amounts of time have passed. From minor to chronic pain, from to relaxation to stress reduction and improving the quality of life, Avazzia is a helpful, as well as easy-to-use, tool for all. 
Device Options
Avazzia does more than just relieve pain! A tremendous amount of users have had success reducing wrinkles and relaxing their skin simply by using the eZZi-Lift by Avazzia for a short period of time. Here are some testimonials!
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