E.I.S. System


The EIS System is one of the most truly unique devices here at Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store in Kennewick!

The EIS System scans the body in 3 minutes for over 69 parameters, boasting an 87% repeatable accuracy.  Results are available immediately, helping you determine medication and treatment protocol success. Get a head start with this proven technology before it becomes a standard with your colleagues.

The EIS is programmed to compute various physiological parameters.  It determines organ dysfunctions and the acid base balance of each organ in the body.  The EIS System is an efficient, versatile body composition analyzer.  It enables health care-providers to analyze effectiveness of their treatments immediately and prescribe specific follow-up medications or treatments. Saves you and your patient time and money!

 The FDA Registered Electro Interstitial Scan is scientifically proven, clinically validated, and is also registered as a European Class 2A Medical Device. More than 1,000 EIS Systems are in use throughout Europe and North America. Free training and certification available with purchase.

A Perfect Complement For The Physician or Licensed Healthcare Practitioner:
• Dynamic 3D graphic interface
• Clinic networking capabilities
• A decision-making aid to many diagnoses and
• Verify internal organ statuses
• Check pH of individual organs
• Statistical research capabilities
• Monitor clients' progress
• Bioimpedance CPT insurance billing codes
• Compute dietary needs
• Target follow-up exams
• Monitor healing, progress, and treatment
• Results can be emailed to off site health-care professionals for evaluation purposes (telemedicine

Praise for the EIS:
"The [EIS] system is very sensitive and detects the target organs of the various treatments, allowing the dose to be adjusted and the efficacy of the treatment as well as the adverse affects to be monitored and calculated." ~Hospital: Botkin, Moscow
Clinical Test Studies:
Depression 90.5%
Hypertension 80.3%
Thyroid 79.4%
Artherosclerosis 91.9%
Functional Risk Analysis Models:
Renal & Urogenital
Quickly Analyze Evaluations Of:
Acid-base balance (pH)
Blood pressure
Nutritional needs
VO2 (oxygen uptake)
Mitochondrial activity
Neuronal excitability
Analyze Estimations Of:
Cholesterol content
Triglycerides content
Uric acid content
Calcium content
Magnesium content
Potassium content
Phosphates content
Hormonal values
Display graphs of ESG, oxydative stress, free radicals, recommended foods, and main neurotransmitters.

Calculate various physiological parameters, including: gases, fat mass, lean mass, total body water, and daily calorie requirements.

Display charts for gases, hormones, ionogramme, and Davenport diagram.
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