Here at Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store we love the ERE. Why? The ERE Reflexology Device helps relax tight muscles before running, walking, or any other exercise routine. Quickly soothes and refreshes stressful aches and pains with massage action. Heated foot pads keep feet warm and soothed by heat stimulation. 

This machine also eases tensions and improves local blood circulation. There are three computerized settings for stimulation: massaging, relaxing, and pounding. The control dial is available to let each user set the correct variation of speed and intensity of the oscillation for their individual liking. The replaceable electro-pads are used to pinpoint and stimulate additional areas such as neck, shoulders, and back.


  • Lightweight and portable for your home, office or travel.
  • Helps to relax tight muscles before and after exercise, or after a long period on your feet.
  • Rapidly soothes tension, soreness and pain, with penetrating electro stimulation pulses.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Enables the unblocking of nerve impulses.
  • Four computerized settings for stimulation - massaging, relaxing, pounding or combination
  • Computerized program allows you to choose the speed of the electro pulsations.
  • The remote control allows you to choose the intensity level of electro stimulation.
  • The timer may be set from 5-30 minutes, in 5 minute intervals.
  • Heated foot rest to keep feet warm via gentle heat stimulation.
  • Six replaceable electro-pads used to stimulate specific painful areas such as your neck, shoulders or back.

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