FarInfrared Cedar Sauna

Sauna therapy plays an extremely vital role in any health regimen. Sweating on a regular basis can and will increase the speed at which one heals. Various studies have shown that people with all kinds of health challenges may benefit from sauna therapy. Among these are colds, fevers, gout, chemical sensitivity, cancer, infections, obesity, respiratory ailments including bronchitis, rheumatism, skin conditions, and toxemia just to mention a few. Newer data is showing that children with autism are responding well to sauna therapy. They become more focused, articulate, and calm. This may very well indicate that autism is largely caused by chemical contaminants passing through the brain-blood barrier and then enter directly into the brain.

Many find that 20 to 30 minutes is sufficient for a very relaxing and satisfying sauna session. Those who feel they are clogged with toxins may want to use the sauna every day, while others may want to use it two to three times a week. We've often heard the saying, "Don't swim for 30 minutes after eating." A sauna is very simliar. Make sure not to eat a heavy meal before entering the sauna. Digestion concentrates large portions of blood to the stomach region. Without sufficient blood circulating in your head, you may feel lightheaded. As chemicals and/or toxins leave your system, it is normal to gain a feeling of nausea. If you have a lot of toxins to rid yourself of, you may feel a lot worse before feeling better again. Unless there is a medical reason for you to stop, keep going.
Water becomes extremely important when using the sauna. Due to the amount of liquids that you will be losing in the form of sweat, it is important that you stay hydrated. In addition, drinking water can help flush out toxins, so make sure to drink plenty of it. An interesting trick that you may want to follow: Stay in the sauna for only 10 minutes increments. Try stepping out and taking a cold shower after around 10 minutes, then just back in the sauna and then finish with one more cold shower. The water from the shower washes off any toxins. The change in temperature is also great for allowing blood flow to the surface of your skin, forcing toxins out through the skin while encouraging circulation. Try staying under the cold water for a good 20-30 seconds and at the end will leave you feeling fabulous! (This also is a great way to end a shower at home... give it a try)

**Those who have serious medical conditions should be under a doctors care if they wish to use the sauna. Don't use the sauna if you're under the influence of alcohol or taking "recreational" drugs. You may pass out/faint, or cause physical harm to yourself. Certain prescription drugs can interfere with the effects of body heating. Check with your doctor or pharmacist. During your sauna, if you feel faint, dizzy or uncomfortable, remove yourself immediately. **

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