Grander 'Living Water' Technology

Born in 1930 in Tyrol, Austria, Johann Grander had a fascination for the ebb and flow of nature’s cycles and systems. During his youth, Grander's father taught him about the power of magnetism, which he used in his later years to "cure" his own arthritis using a magnetic massage roller.

Grander found that using high frequency energy waves permanently transfered into the water that altered the structure of water, restoring its natural ability to cleanse and heal.  Grander realized that water retains this altered information, even after the most stringent purification and filtration processes.

Grander went on to develop specific devices for transforming water into water purification systems, changing water into "living water." Using three separate electromagnetic energies these devices work along homeopathic principals to infuse life-giving frequencies into water to restore its innate vitality.

Grander improves drinking water, and your body absorbs it better. The Grander board also keeps vegetables fresher
Steven Hasheider – Sag Harbor, NY

In controlled experiments, "Granderizing" has been shown to promote the self-cleansing ability of water. This creates an environment that is inhospitable to harmful bacteria, and stimulates helpful bacteria.

In life applications such as industrial water-cooling towers, the water contains tremendous bacterial growth. Lime, sulfur, and mineral deposits come part and parcel with these towers. Grander Living Water technology helps stabilize the water through reduction of chemicals and harmful bacteria.

Using Grander makes the water taste better. Also the Grander board improves the flavor of other beverages. And I am amazed at how my animals choose Grander treated water over untreated. It must be good! (My rooster loves it; he is 23 years old.)
Carol Larkin – Owner Billy’s Organic Food & Lifestyle – Hamilton, MT

This is what makes Grander Living Water profoundly different from any other water treatment system in the world. Nothing else has been documented to provide the same effect in such real life situations.  Another proof of this is the world’s first 4-year shelf life approval for drinking water by Grander, bottled in Austria, which has the worlds strictest standards for pure water.

Hydration levels of Grander users goes up 10% – 15%, if not more. I view Grander as something people need to know about and have.
Dr. Benjamin Licht DHC – Deerfield Beach, FL

Consumers report the following benefits using the Original Grander Technology:

  • Improved taste and freshness, water feels “smooth” and satisfies thirst

  • Enhanced feeling of well being

  • Use of less soaps and detergents, with cleaner results

  • Softer shower water with reduced chlorine smell

  • Reduced allergies and skin disorders

  • Improvement in skin and complexion

  • Healthier plant growth with more resistance to disease

  • Increased yields of fruits, vegetables, flowers

  • Tastier fruits and vegetables grown with revitalized water

  • More efficient utilization of fertilizers

  • Reduction of amounts of chlorine in pools and spas and longer times between water changes

  • Improved pond water quality

  • Conversion of gray water to usable irrigation water

  • Reduced pollution in the environment

  • Greater production of usable nitrogen from manure lagoons 

  • Reduced odors from septic systems

  • Cleaner pipes at home or in manufacturing plant

  • Less chemicals needed for cleaning and general use

Even after years of use, Grander Water Revitalization systems have been shown in standardized biological tests to maintain 100% effectiveness. There are no replacement parts or electricity required. One purchase per unit, and water problems are solved. Enjoy living water year round.

We have noticed our well water is not as turbid. Within 2 weeks of installing Grander the hard water scale on our faucets started to come off. We use less soap with better cleaning results. We are drinking more water. My skin feels better; I use less lotion, and have less itching. Our animals are drinking more, and look healthier, as do our plants
Maria Elings – Conrad, MT

Drinking water, bathing water, all household water, is Revitalized! with Grander Living Water systems.

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