ICAP Release Meter

When it comes to personal development, the ICAP Release Meter is one of the most powerful pieces tools that will find anywhere. Originally developed about three years ago, the device is able to measure the release of negative subconscious emotion. The release meter, is the first EEG, but specifically reads the release brainwave. Because of this factor is a powerful tool for anyone who is using the Sedona method or the release technique.

Never in the history of self development have we had such a powerful tool at our disposal. Lester Levinson, said that the Sedona method and/or the release technique, is the fastest way for us to achieve freedom. By releasing pent-up negative thoughts and limitations, we are able to uncover our true selves. Just take a second to really understand how powerful that is. It has taken Buddhist monks lifetimes to achieve what we can now achieve in a very small amount of time if we are willing to put in the required effort.

The iCAP Release Meter takes your unconscious thinking and shows it to you on your computer screen.

This is a highly advanced, patented technology that reads three VERY SPECIFIC brainwave frequencies (out of thousands) from the right prefrontal cortex of your brain and runs these frequencies through a complex algorithm that determines precisely how "released" you are on a particular issue.


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