Since body is an environment composed of both chemical and electrical fields, we are only as healthy as our cells can be in that environment. French scientist George Lakhovsky viewed disease as a battle of vibrations between pathogenic viruses and bacteria and the body’s cells. If the cell was
energetically weak, the invading organism would infect the cell. Today we have the means to strengthen the energy-field of each cell, thus fortifying and protecting ourselves from disease. MRS 2000+ restores lost energy and crippled cellular resonance to a normal, healthy state. So, cell metabolism is stimulated, blood cells are regenerated, and the blood supply moves more freely and can carry more oxygen. Along with this, the immune system is strengthened, vitamins and minerals are better absorbed, the respiratory system becomes more efficient, and the nervous system is relaxed. Also, bone structure becomes denser and major organs are able to detoxify so that their performance is improved. MRS 2000+ contains NO MAGNETS because it is a Resonating Magnetic Field (RMS), so it works at the cellular level to “normalize” the fundamental metabolic functions of every cell in the body.

MRS for Animals

Magnetic-resonance-stimulation has been successfully used to treat animals for many years. Horses, dogs, cats and even cows have undergone treatments and have benefited in many ways including: activation of metabolism and oxygen supply, decreasing acute and chronic tendonitis, easier adjustment for aberration and incorrect training methods, decreasing arthritis and joint deterioration, healing of degenerative diseases of skeletal system, improving healing of fetlock injuries, treating immune deficiency, increasing blood circulation in the capillaries, improving respiration,  
increasing lymphatic drainage, increasing of oxygen to the tissue, decreasing of painful muscle tension (myopathy), increased rebuilding of vascular tissue, reducing recovery time, reducing and eliminating rheumatic pain, increased retarded wound and fracture healing (pseudo-arthritis), and increasing scar tissue mobility.

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