Improve patient health with The Revelar!


What is The Revelar?

The Revelar is a device that measures the free-radical damage in the human body.

How does it work?

It works by measuring the aldehydes in your breath that are created by free-radicals. 

Who is it for?

Since everyone could use more anti-oxidants, this machine is going to benefits just about anybody. Combating free-radicals has enormous anti-aging effects.

Why should you choose Revelar?

Revelar is the only technology available on the market that can measure free-radicals and because of that you can make better informed decisions.

Where can I try this thing out?

Book a session at Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store today! Doctors and practitioners can purchase machines here as well.

Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store
311 W Kennewick Ave
Kennewick, WA 99336
Phone: 509-586-6574

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