SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) technology relies on the body’s mechanism of adaptation which ensures dynamic homeostasis and equilibrium.   Regulation of the body’s vital functions is achieved through close connection and interaction of the nervous and endocrine systems.

  SCENAR treatment stimulates the body’s own healing powers by emitting an electromagnetic signal that is almost identical to the human nerve signal. This signal travels along   special nerve fibers to the brain, which results in the production of neuropeptides that rapidly advance healing. The neuropeptides in SCENAR therapy are the most important   chemical modulators. Neuropeptide-producing nerve fibers make up more than 70% of the body’s neural tracts and can therefore be stimulated from many areas on the skin.   When  applied to the point of pain, the brain releases endorphins, the body’s powerful pain relieving substances. The neuropeptides in SCENAR therapy are the most important   chemical modulators. 

  SCENAR helps the human body to correct and complete its self-recovery program, stimulating the release of  neuropeptides, and providing the body with a choice of the   necessary healing substances. This makes the therapeutic process physiological and explains the absence of complications, negative side effects, and contraindications.  SCENAR   therapy is ideal for restoring health. SCENAR is a brilliant combination of modern electronic technology with the healing art of the East, as SCENAR therapy is based on the     same, which has born the test of ages.

  The methodologies of traditional healing practices such as acupuncture and acupressure are based on the fact that the skin and nervous system have the same embryological   origin. The skin, being a large sensory organ, remains linked to the nervous system. Stimulating nerve endings within the skin at particular points effect changes in internal   organs.  In this way, stimulating active points on the skin by way of electrical impulses which follow the characteristics of those of the central nervous system are known to   optimize and stimulate the regulatory functions of the nervous system, restoring health.

 SCENAR is the first non-invasive, bio-dirigible, individually-dosed electro-impulse therapy.


Scenar 1- $460 Modulation 3:1, Freq 60 and 90, D2 mode

Scenar 2- $430 Freq 90, FM modulation 30-120 Hz, dose mode

Scenar 3- $630 Freq 14, 60, 90 and 340, suitable for use on degenerative imbalances in chronic state (low frequencies) or inflammatory imbalances in acute state (high frequencies). With this model, active people and sport professionals can easily manage pain, reduce trauma downtime, and speed up the rehabilitation processes from injury or surgery. FM modulation 30-120 Hz, dose mode

Scenar 4- $750 Scenar 3 with LCD window, D1 mode. This is the same as the $630 unit, with the addition of a liquid-crystal LCD display in place of the light-diode indicator. The small screen displays energy level, current settings, and skin contact indication, which makes the device very easy to use.

Scenar 5- $990 Freq 14, 60, 90 and 340, FM modulation 30-120 Hz, D1 & D2 mode, double feedback mode in Preset 2

Scenar 6- $990 D1 & D2 preset assessment screening modes

Scenar 7- $1200 This is the most advanced model in the Personal Scenar set, has many extra modes and a user friendly.window, Acute & Chronic factory presets, 1-8 intensity impulses

Scenars 1-7 use a 9-volt battery


Scenar 8- $1800 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, frequencies ranging from 15-350 Hz, FM mod on, SW1 or off, dose sound & symbol, 5 storable user presets

Scenar 9- $2400 Plus Diag 1 & 2

Scenar 10-$2900 Plus Screening Mode and Dose 1-3

Scenar 11-$3800 Plus 128 of Voll’s low frequencies from .641- 15 Hz, color LCD, local electrode for screening in Dose 5 mode (double meridians status examination and life-saving Bee mode

Scenar 12-$4900 Plus 10 factory presets, double biofeedback, including BioGap and BioFrequency

Scenars 8-12 use 4 AAA batteries

 For information about setting up a SCENAR session or purchasing a device, click here

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