To gain further examples of the effects of Scenar use, I am reporting on my experiences:

I met Gayla Erickson at a conference in Cancun in May of 2007. I was wearing over my clothes a full body brace and a neck brace. I bought a medical model Scenar and used it just by the intensity of comfortable energy levels on my spinal column at about 10 minutes a location the second day when I learned how to use it. I did not know how to use the medical diagnostic feature at the time. Previously I had been almost bedridden for 16 years. (I had had 8 fused vertebrae and the surgeries did not help… and I just got 5 vertebrae unfused and will have the other three vertebrae unfused in a couple of weeks). What Gayla found so astonishing was that I was able to take my braces off and go to Chichen Itza in 100% humidity at 105 degree temperature from 5am to 6:30pm and have all the energy to walk the ruins and have funnnnn! I never had to wear the brace again.

Since then I was able to stop my twice daily hormones and also thyroid medication. That saved me $200 a month. I lost 17 lbs. Thank you.

My Dr. Roger Thorne at Scripps Green in La Jolla, California, is astonished at the vertebral and disc recovery. If this was not so, he would have declined taking off the highly invasive hardware and next year I would be dead from improper surgeries. One horrible thing that happened when the nociceptors were cut and destroyed was an intense itching that would begin from my toes internally to externally. That intense itching would begin in waves and begin again in the balls of my feet until I used the Scenar on my spinal column. Then it ceased altogether after a few months. I could finally get my sleep. Hurrah!

My husband, Ken, and I used the Scenar to dissipate cataracts and for facials and burns and cuts.

I am just able to begin my Scenar business because I was in an accident and had several small strokes in a row because of the metal in my neck that is soon to be removed. I am doing great and expect to be working two to three days after the neck bolts are removed. (Those bolts leave quarter inch holes in the vertebrae, The Scenar will heal them quickly with proper diet. It will take out the pain as well I am sure because of my past experiences.)

My kids and grandchildren are very athletic and have gotten spinal injuries that have been relieved by the Scenar. One of their girlfriends got slammed in the thighs over and over playing volleyball and could hardly walk. The doctors and chiropractors had no idea what to do. I used the diagnostic on her one time in two patterns on her upper thigh and one pattern under the right side of her knee. Not only did it take away all the pain in the left leg, it relieved all of the pain in the right leg forever.

Dr. R. Thorne at Scripps Green is studying me and learning about the Scenar. He heads the orthopedic neurologic department and is also a researcher for 30 years.

I hope you are truly enjoying hearing from me.

Very truly yours,
Bonnie J. E.

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