This letter serves as my own personal testimonial regarding the power and effectiveness of the SCENAR healing instrument. I had actually purchased an instrument, although I have not received it yet at this time, to use in my own practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic/Alphabioticist. I went to Las Vegas to attend a one day seminar with Gayla Erickson, the only certified instructor in the United States.

I had attended a Saturday evening introduction for people not familiar with the SCENAR and as the seminar was winding down for the evening a woman there from Hawaii was passing out packages of macadamia nuts with different seasonings and herbs to anyone desiring them. I tried a couple of small packages and they were enjoyable. A few minutes after consuming them I began to notice my throat was tightening up and becoming constricted. I also began to get very warm and my face felt like it was on fire. I noticed red stripes going down my arms to my hands with a mottled appearance. I began to suspect that I was having an allergic reaction to something in the packages but since I have no known allergies, was not sure what it could have been. I went to the back of the room and drank 2-3 glasses of ice water to try to open my throat a little. At this time I went to the restroom in the hallway to see what my skin looked like and was shocked to see my face as red as a beet and my eyes were bloodshot. I was starting to sweat as well. My eyes were starting to have vision issues and I knew that I was getting to a full-blown state of anaphylactic shock . Having been a medic in the military I knew a little about this and what the symptoms were, as well as the ramifications of being untreated. I went back to the classroom and informed the instructor, Gayla, that I was in severe distress and that if she knew how to treat this condition to please begin promptly. At this point I was still mostly coherent and aware but shortly after she began the treatment my vision began to disappear and total blindness ensued followed by deafness, loss of facial feeling and awareness and an increasingly rapid heartrate. My breathing was quite shallow as I was having difficulty getting air in with my throat so constricted. Within a few moments I was totally out and down for the count, so to speak. I don’t remember anything that happened at this point as my body had completely shut down. I was told by the people that were there in the room, including Gayla, that I had been out for 7-10 minutes and that I had stopped breathing and no matter what the stimulus applied, was totally unresponsive. A nurse also was unable to find a pulse. Gayla was aggressively working on me with the SCENAR doing what would normally be considered painful procedures to stimulate me into a response as well as recovery, but I remained unresponsive.

Suddenly, my breathing response began to be elicited and I began to choke a bit trying to get air in. My eyes began to see shadows and light, after being totally dark, and I could make out shapes of people around me. I also could hear people talking now and my nervous system began to wake up and come to. I began to inquire about what exactly had happened and I was told by everyone in the room what had just transpired over the last 10 minutes. By using the SCENAR Gayla was able to bring me back from a full blown anaphylactic shock which left me in a near-death state and quite possibly could have been clinically dead, though I am not sure of this. The paramedics arrived from the hospital shortly after my coming to and were quite astonished that this little ‘machine’ could have brought me back without needing any injections like atropine or epinephrine. I did not feel I needed to be treated with drugs nor take a trip to the hospital, so I chose to stay where I was. I figured the SCENAR brought me back and that I should stay where the SCENAR was, with Gayla.

Shortly after the paramedics left I began to shake as if I was freezing. We were all standing around talking when the shaking began and became uncontrollable, as if I was close to seizure status. Gayla promptly had me lie down and covered me with blankets to warm me and did everything she could to make sure I stayed conscious. She began to use the SCENAR aggressively on my abdominal region to stimulate the major organs so as to restore blood flow and assist in the cleansing and healing process to my organs. In a few minutes the shaking had stopped and I was beginning to feel as if the worst had passed, again. There were no more episodes after this. My body was soon to be functioning normally and after a good night’s sleep, awoke the next morning feeling as if nothing had happened. The fact that I felt no after effects after this horrendous experience is and was amazing to me. How could I be without air or blood and oxygen flow for 7-10 minutes and not have any known after effects? I can only surmise that the SCENAR took over these functions when the organs were in failure and kept everything in a functional state until the time my organs were able to begin their proper functioning.

I did not know the power of the SCENAR or what all it was capable of but after experiencing its power (in the hands of a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner) firsthand, and living to tell about, I cannot wait to obtain my own unit to begin to help others with it as I have been helped. Hopefully, I will never be called on to use it to save someone’s life, but if need be I feel confident it would be able to do the job. Everyone in the room that evening got an education about what an amazing tool we have and thanks to Gayla I am now alive again to tell about it. Upon leaving the seminar the next day I took the time to call my mother in Ohio as her health issues and biomechanical instability was one of the prime reasons as to why I wanted to purchase the unit in the first place. Just the fact that by having this instrument I could fly her to San Diego for a week or two and help her to regenerate her spinal degenerative issues and obtain a great reduction in her pain made buying the instrument all worthwhile. We had an interesting conversation about how the instrument or tool that I had purchased to help her with her physical afflictions had to be used in extreme circumstances to literally save her son's life. Rather coincidental I would say… I thank Gayla for her knowledge and quick actions on that evening and I wish to thank the scientists who developed the SCENAR.

Dr. Kevin B.

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