I started having Life System biofeedback therapy weekly and bi-weekly a couple months ago. I was in and out of the emergency room every few months from 2005 until Halloween of last year. I was put under the knife for surgery to remove ovarian cysts. However, they weren’t cysts. My doctor discovered in surgery that the inner lining of my uterus was growing on the outside, covering other organs nearly as well as my ovaries. I was told it could be removed but wasn’t curable unless they removed my uterus or ovaries. I had Endometriosis (I refused removal of my ovaries).

Endometriosis is said to be caused by infertility, but I might still had some hope in having children after healing from surgery. The doctor prescribed a $700.00 per month shot and also “the pill” to prevent me from having a normal monthly cycle so no more growth would come back. Just a couple weeks into taking pulls and getting the shot, my emotional life went downhill and I became a step-below suicidal thoughts (deep depression).

Desperate for a real solution, I thumbed around in the phone book and discovered Revitalize.

I finally made an appointment and that was when my faith in healing began to grow!

After my first and second therapy sessions, I was thrown into extreme healing crisis that put me in bed for 2-3 days, vomiting and diarrhea. I felt like Revitalize gave me a horrible flu! I understood that what was so deeply cemented inside me making me ill and full of disease, was just being broken up and flushing itself out of my body. It took many years for all those toxins to get caked up inside of me and the therapy was brushing and flossing my insides out so I could become healthy again. I know that’s why I was highly encouraged to drink plenty of water.

The fourth visit was more beneficial and a breaking point of my recovery. Not only did I feel NO PAIN, but my emotional pain was gone and my self-esteem went sky high! My worries were gone! Since my therapies, I have been publicly surrounded in employee meetings for being the quickest and most accurate order puller/fork lift operator out of my entire graveyard shift at work. I am the only female on my shift! The felt so great!

After my sixth visit, I was feeling nausea again, and wondered to myself if I was just getting another healing crisis. Then my cycle was a week due. I found out, I was pregnant! I am 31 years old and have been with Travis for 2.5 years now, and I know and fully believe I would not have been able to get pregnant if it weren’t for the help of the Life System machine. It wasn’t a band-aid in curing or diagnosing me in any way. What I enjoy the most about this machine, is it trained my own brain to locate my built in body pharmacy to heal itself. I am very grateful to have been blessed to find Revitalize and learn how to be healthy and happy again.

Thanks Revitalize!
Linda B.

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