My son Derrick age 23 has suffered with Chronic Asthma since he was born, living on breathing machines, inhalers and asthma medications, making many middle of the night trips to the hospitals and visiting many different doctors for help. He was also diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was 14 years old. He started doing Bio Feedback Therapies and after his 4th therapy his respiratory breathing has been restored to 100% capacity. No more inhalers, no more asthma medicine and no more hospital visits. Now that is a dream come true in itself, but there is much more to this incredible story!!!!

Derrick’s diabetes has improved so much he doesn’t even need to take his insulin every time he eats now. He has even gone a few days without it. He isn’t insulin free yet but he also has 4 more therapies left. I know with the miracle that has already happened for Derrick he will soon be insulin free. We purchased a Biofeedback machine so we can use it on the ones we love and restore their health the way that Derrick’s has been restored. The doctors have told us since day one that an insulin dependent diabetic will “NEVER” be able to live without taking insulin again, “EVER” and without it they will die, well guess what – “they are WRONG”!!!! Derrick has been taking insulin injections at least 5-7 times a day, every time he eats anything, for 10 LONG years!!! Being able to skip even “ONE” meal or “ONE” snack without having to take insulin is a total miracle in itself, so to be able to skip a whole day and not take injections is far more than the word “MIRACLE” can ever describe!!!!!!! There is no word in the dictionary to describe “THAT” feeling. Our fight with Diabetes is finally coming to an end. Do yourself a favor...EXPERIENCE A MIRACLE and give Biofeedback Therapies a try!!!!!! What do you have to lose? Diabetes? Asthma?

Sincerely and whole heartedly,
Louise A.

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