I was skeptical when I visited with Gayla at the autism expo where she had a booth, but since I hadn’t tried any treatments on my autistic son I decided why not – we’ll come in for the screening. The screening picked up things that Gayla could not have possibly known and were the core of my son’s autism.

His sleep improved after the first treatment. After the fourth treatment we noticed a positive change to a more responsible, mannerly, content, and interactive young man. Two days ago he came out of his room, all ready for work, wearing a belt in his cargo shorts with his polo shirt tucked in. Wow, that was a first! He asks us how our day went when he gets back home. And I believe this is a first too; he initiated a conversation at work. Aggression had been a problem for several months and that seems to have stopped in the last two weeks.

I look forward to more healing of his brain from the biofeedback, and I am a believer in it. Thank you, Gayla.

Tammy F.

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