The hCG Drop

The hCG Drop is not your ordinary dietary supplement. People are always searching for a quick way to drop pounds safely. Here at Revitalize! we're proud to announce that we now offer the HCG Drop. Based on Dr. Simons, M.D. HCG diet plan and base study, the HCG Drop is a quick and easy answer to getting rid of stubborn body fat.

HCG opens only the excess fat cells, so you lose the weight where you want to, without losing structural fat! Users can lose up to 30 lbs in 30 days with a simple drop!

HCG is a naturally occurring water-based hormone in the body which allows fat to be metabolized into energy. By resetting the hypothalamus, the HCG drop gives your body’s metabolism a boost-often increasing it 8-30%! The HCG diet is a medical-grade, reputable diet system that targets extra body fat as well as increases energy, improves sleep patterns, and improves skin elasticity. Unlike other programs, the HCG Drop stops sugar cravings to make for a more enjoyable dieting experience.

The process is simple-no syringes, needles, pharmaceutical drugs, prescriptions, physician’s consult, blood tests, or hidden narcotics! They don't even have to be refrigerated! Simply a few drops under the tongue.

We are the only Tri-Cities’ based spa using HCG approved shakes with the weight loss protocol. These chocolate and vanilla HCG Shakes are designed to increase the effectiveness of the HCG diet. With no prescriptions and no injections, this diet is simple and painless.

Stop searching for another dead-end diet and get started on the HCG plan today!


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