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Contacting Our Office

Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store
311 W Kennewick Ave Kennewick,WA 99336
Phone: 509-586-6574

Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store in Kennewick is open between 9:00 AM - 6:00PM Weekdays and 10:00 - 4:00 PM on Saturday, we are closed on Sunday. Please call us during those hours at (509) 586-6574 to schedule or cancel a weight loss appointment. Our phones are busiest during the first and last hours of the day, and you may be asked to hold for several minutes. Please feel free to leave a message on our answering machine and someone will call you back as soon as possible.

The following guidelines were designed to help you make the most of your visits at Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store.

Scheduling/Canceling Appointments

Our clinicians treat only one client at a time. Your appointment represents time set aside especially for you

Please bring your calendar and supplements with you when you visit our office to schedule your next appointment. Alternatively, you may call during office hours and one of our associates will assist you.

If you find that you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. By doing so, you enable us to schedule another client for that time. Failure to cancel with at least 24 hours notice, or "no-shows" may result in a cancellation charge of up to $100 per appointment. This charge must be paid in full prior to rescheduling.

Speaking with a Revitalize! Clinician

When you call to speak to a clinician, you may find that s/he is meeting with another client and is not free to take your call. If it is not an emergency, our associate will gladly take a message. Please provide as many details as possible so that when your call is returned, the clinician will have all the appropriate information available. Since clinicians are not always free to return calls during the day, we ask for both day and evening phone numbers.

Your Visit

Please arrive several minutes early for your appointment. When you do, please sign in and tell the receptionist who you have come to see. They will direct you to the waiting area where you can relax in our beautiful Costa Rican rocking chairs, enjoy some tea or coffee and soothing spa music while you wait for your session.

We cannot supervise young children while you are being seen by a clinician. Please arrange for their care during your appointment.

Your Responsibility for Payment

Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store does not participate with any HMO or PPO and as such, is an "out-of-plan" provider. You are responsible for charges at the time of the visit. We appreciate receiving payment when services are rendered. In addition to cash and checks, we also accept MasterCard, Discover & Visa. If you have questions about our fees or your bill, please speak with our Finance Department.

Insurance Coverage

As mentioned above, Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store does not participate with any HMO or PPO and we cannot tell you specifically whether or not your health insurance will cover our services. We strongly recommend that you call your insurance provider to answer any insurance questions you may have. We can tell you that some insurance policies cover our services and others do not. Aetna, for example, has recently announced that they will cover some forms of biofeedback when they consider it medically necessary for the following conditions: migraine and tension headaches; TMJ; stroke rehabilitation; TBI; Raynaud's disease; chronic constipation; irritable bowel syndrome; and refractory tinnitus. Please call your insurance company and specifically ask them whether or not they cover biofeedback for your particular problems. Our office will be happy to supply you with the CPT codes that we use so that you will have the information you need prior to calling your insurance provider. We do require payment for services as they are rendered. We will provide you with a detailed receipt that you may send to your insurance company to try to obtain reimbursement,

Liability (accident cases)

Regardless of any liability action, timely payment of bills remains your responsibility. Medical and financial information will be released upon request after a release-of-information form is signed.

Worker's Compensation

You are responsible for providing accurate workers' compensation information. Medical and financial information will be provided at your request after a release-of-information form is signed.

Requesting Records

We are happy to send copies of records of your visit(s) to you or to your physicians. Please ask one of our associates for a "Request for Records" form and your request will be processed. There may be a charge for this, depending on the number of pages to be copied.


There is several free public parking spots right out front of the store. In the down town Kennewick area where we are located, this parking is free as there are no meters. You are welcome to park on either the north or south side of the street.

Feedback and Referrals

As our client, you are our first concern. We hope that you are satisfied with our care and that you feel that you are treated with kindness and with courtesy. Please let us know if we have treated you well. If you are not satisfied with our care, please let us know, so that we may correct any deficiencies that may have occurred. In addition, we always appreciate when our clients refer others to our weight loss Kennewick office.

For more questions, please contact Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store of Kennewick, Washington at 509-586-6574 or email us at organicstore@hotmail.com